August 2023 Economic Development Report

The following is our report for July-August 2023

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I have been working for some time on developing blogs with embedded books written for children and their parents. They would have the following purposes:

1. Be Entertaining
2. Teach “Green” Sustainability
3. Promote Sustainable Tourism

The Blogs would have links to an EBook, Podcast, and Videos. They are all free. They would be set at a tourist destination where the child can complete the quest. We would explain how the parent can download the book and insert their children's photos into the book. If they wish they can print the book for their children and relatives - before or after they visit.

There is minimal cost for this effort - simply volunteer labor. The program may well qualify for a grant from Visit Sarasota would be possible. If we find an organization that is interested we could jointly approach Ringling College to see if the students would want to assist this effort.

The books could be printed and sold in a gift shop. Possible settings for the books include the Ringling Museum Campus, Ringling College, downtown Sarasota, The Bay, St Armands, and Sarasota beaches and parks.

More info on this effort at: