Sarasota Sister Cities - Sixty Years of Citizen Diplomacy

The Book is completed 
and published. It is available on with the simple search of "Sarasota Sister Cities”. The direct link is:

The paperback book sells for $10.00. Sarasota Sister Cities owns the copyright and the royalties of $3.00 of each sale goes to Sarasota Sister Cities.

We appreciate the substantial contributions made by Sarasota Sister Cities Board Members and Past Presidents. Special thanks to Tom Halbert, Bill Wallace, Linda Rosenbluth, Carla Rayman, Hope Byrnes, Beth Ruyle, Toni Duvall, and Miriam Kramer; and Board Members Gayle Maxey, Fred Bloom, Kenney DeCamp, Grisell Aleman, David Harralson, Isabelle Eidet, and Sue Gordon. And we thank all Members and supporters who made our organization a success.

Sarasota Sister Cities

Sixty Years of Citizen Diplomacy 

December 19, 2023

The Sister Cities Association of Sarasota (SCAS) is celebrating 60 years since the founding in 1963. We have served on the board of directors of SCAS for many years and felt it was time to record the great achievements realized by the organization during the past sixty years. In this treatise we recognize significant exchanges, events and activities that have been carried out over the years and also recognize the many volunteers that have dedicated their valuable time in service to SCAS.

The book will also serve those interested in how a mid-size city manages sister city relationships around the world. Our organizational structure is described as well as the functions of all the board members, including the vice presidents and the directors for each of the sister cities. SCAS also serves the general Sarasota community with the public invited to all our luncheons, wide ranging presentations and celebratory events. The premier “One World Award”, conceived by board member, Bill Wallace, annually honors one remarkable individual and one outstanding organization in our community that has enhanced “Understanding and Respect” among citizens of the world through their extraordinary work or volunteer service.

The information provided in the book provides a template for cities contemplating the development of their own sister city program and contains useful ideas for possible new programs, events and exchanges in other sister city organizations.

You can read a free earlier and much smaller draft of the book by clicking the title below.