Nov 15 War and Peace 4:00 pm Community Room 1741 Main St, Sarasota - Presentation

Sister Cities Founder General Eisenhower briefing the troops before D-Day

War & Peace
Date Changed to Nov 15, 2016

4:00 pm Herald-Tribune Community Room 1741 Main St, Sarasota - Presentation

5:00 pm, Vineyard Wine Bar 1528 Main St, Sarasota - Meet and Greet

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Sarasota Sister Cities

Military Officers Association of America-Sarasota Chapter

Our Panel will discuss issues of War and Peace. Each panelist will make a short presentation about how our efforts can help to ensure world peace. We will discuss some of the efforts made by the US military.  A group discussion will follow the presentations, followed by a Meet and Greet where we can continue the discussion.


The Sister City Association began in 1956 during the United States presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower. After viewing the horrific devastation of human life and property resulting from that tragic moment in world history, Eisenhower thought “citizen diplomacy” might help to reduce the threat of war.

“Citizen diplomacy” in Eisenhower’s way of thinking was an actual “eyeball to eyeball” interfacing of everyday citizens, meeting personally on each others “turf” (in the U.S. and overseas); learning how each lived, carried on their daily lives, overcame whatever challenges they faced, to bring about an enhanced understanding, and thus respect, of all global citizens. It was envisioned this could be accomplished through exchanges (visitations) of citizens, engaged in the arts, business, civic activities (service clubs, boy/girl scouts, etc), education, sports and government.

Sarasota Sister Cities will present a discussion of how citizen to citizen diplomacy works with and compliments military involvement and deterrence. Our three panelists will describe real world experiences and some of their thoughts on how we can continue and improve our efforts as citizen diplomats. Each presentation will be 5 to 10 minutes long leaving substantial time for questions and discussion. 


Troy Scott is a Past President of the Sarasota Military Officers Association - Sarasota Chapter and Chairman of the Finance Committee of Sarasota Sister Cities. He is a United States Army Colonel Retired and a veteran of the Cold War and two tours in Vietnam. He will discuss Army Civic action programs in Vietnam, Europe, and South America and efforts of the Army to maintain and improve relations with allied nations and individuals.

Beth Ruyle is the Past President of Sarasota Sister Cities and a former Member of the Illinois Commission For The Support of the Guard and Reserve. As the Director of the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association she worked on a number of citizen diplomatic efforts in support of peace. She will discuss citizen interchanges with the Soviet Union and China.

Craig Hullinger is Vice President of Communications of Sarasota Sister Cities, a United States Marine Corps Colonel Retired, and a veteran of the Cold War and two tours in Vietnam. He will discuss efforts to build and improve relationships with civilians in war zones. He will describe the Combined Action Program and efforts to win the hearts and the minds of the people and how Sister City exchanges helped prevent World War III.

Raymond Young is Vice President of Education and will serve as the moderator.  He will describe the premise of people-to-people exchanges established by President Eisenhower and describe additional academic programs that have furthered this cause, the Fulbright Program and the Peace Corps.

Meet & Greet to follow Vineyard Wine Bar
1528 Main St., Sarasota
For further Information, Contact: Ray Young,
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