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INFO @ SARASOTA SISTER CITIES January 14, 2017 #2:2

January 14, 2017  #2:2

All the news that’s fit to print as the New Year gets underway……….


February 2, 2017, 4 pm, GLOBAL BODY LANGUAGE, Kenny DeCamp, Selby Library
          Location of the Meet & Greet following Kenney’s talk to be announced soon.

  February 4, 2017, Saturday 9-5 pm. THE HIGHLAND GAMES, at Robarts Arena

  February 11, 2017, 6:00 pm at the University Park Country Club, ONE WORLD AWARD at THE FESTA DE CARNEVALE - A Treviso Sister City Celebration, cocktail attire, Anna Madaschi

  March 15, 2017, Luncheon 11:30 am Bird Key Yacht Club. HONOR OUR MAYORS, Hope Byrnes, Kenney DeCamp, Dave Harralson

  April 12, 2017, Luncheon 11:30 am Bird Key Yacht Club, ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING AND ELECTION, President Marianna Janz-Wecke

  May 20, 2017, Florida Studio Theater’s  YOUNG PLAYWRIGHTS CONTEST The Winners are coming!
FESTIVALE DE CARNIVALE,  a TREVISO, ITALY, a Sister City Celebration with the ONE WORLD AWARD presentation

          SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2017
                              COCKTAIL ATTIRE
$75 per person

          We celebrate the Province of Treviso, cradle of ancient communities.  During the period of the Venetian Republic, this area was known for its pleasant resorts and bountiful agricultural products.  Local waterways give Treviso the name of Watertown in the midst of picturesque landscapes and rolling hills.

          Treviso has a long tradition of Carnevale festivities in the month of February, its origin being in the ancient Roman Saturnalia.  It offered the public a time of entertainment and festivities.  Its dominant feature was the masquerade, serving as a brief freedom from the confines of social class, gender, and religion.

          Festivale de Carnivale is sure to be a memorable and marvelous evening of libation, conviviality, and community. Please join us! GET YOUR RESERVATIONS IN NOW!

          For questions, please contact Treviso City Director, Anna Madaschi at


          A good number of people reserved for the Xiamen luncheon after the deadline—or they just showed up without reservations.  The Bird Key Yacht Club ran out of menu items and had to serve items that people did not order.  The management was concerned about the inability to properly prepare for the event.

          If this trend continues, we anticipate possibly having to refuse those who attempt to register late or just show up at the event.  We, of course, DO NOT want this to  happen.

          Please be thoughtful and help us with this problem by registering on time for future meetings.

          On January 11 at the Bird Key Yacht Club, nearly 100 enthusiastic attendees celebrated Sarasota Sister Cities’ ten-year relationship with XiamenDr. Carolyn Bloomer, City Director for Xiamen and former visiting professor at Xiamen University, shared memories of the 2007 delegation trip to Xiamen.  Then Mayor Lou Ann Palmer was part of that delegation and remembered at the beginning of that trip the two delegations were bowing to each other, and at the end they were hugging, a reference to the fact that at that time, Chinese traditionally did not hug or touch in this way.

          Dr. Bloomer along with her Assistant City Director, Dr Hongying Liu and Jian Le Volk entertained people with the detailed and fascinating history between Sarasota and Xiamen.

          Thanks, Carolyn, Hongying, and Jian Li!


          Thanks to our member Kenney DeCamp, who served as the event’s MC and johannes factotum,  Selby Library had another hugely-successful Crystal Ball.  Sarabeth Kalajian,  head of Sarasota County Libraries told your editor that Kenney never disappoints, that his Crystal Balls are always wonderful events!

          Downstairs served as a large entertainment space with a variety of singers, dancers & entertainers. A variety of Sarasota’s best restaurants offered delicious small snacks:  chicken meatballs stuffed with mozzarella, barbecue, ravioli, orzo salads, unusually-flavored humus, meatball sandwiches, and other savories too numerous to mention.  Bars abounded throughout the library.

          Throughout the library, booths represented your Sarasota Sister Cities,  authors, spas, candy makers,  aromatherapy, literacy services, writing instruction, major community organizations such as The Ringling Museum, and many other groups.

           Among those Sister City members in attendance (in alphabetical order and with apologies to those your editor can’t remember now) were Marianna Janz-Wecke  Eladio & Judy Amores, Susan Atwell, Gloria Grenier, Maria des Neiges Grossas, Dave Harralson,  Charlotte Hull, Sylva Kanderal, Brianna & Werner Knoop, Anna Madaschi, Elke & Troy Scott, Rodolfo Sperandeo, and others.
          Whatta Party!  Thanks Kenney!


          Gail Sanderson, our luncheon coordinator, is in sick bay at Hawthorne Village after a hip replacement.  Send some thoughts and prayers her way for a speedy recovery.

          We miss you while you’re out, Gail!  Speedy Recovery!
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