Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Happy Holidays, Nikolaus and Christmas Greetings

Many happy Holidays, Nikolaus, and Christmas greetings and a little family tradition I like to share. I wish you and your families and loved ones very Happy Holidays and the very best for the New Year 2017.

Nikolaus Day On December 6th

Every year, the families in many European Countries celebrate Nikolaus Day on December 6th.The evening before, children polish their boots and shoes (dirty ones will not be accepted by Nikolaus) and place them or stockings at the fireplace or at the front door.

Traditionally Nikolaus (or Knecht Ruprecht) will bring nuts, apples, clementines and chocolate and/or little toys. For kids (as well adults) whose behavior was a little in question over the year, Nikolaus might just leave a rod behind. In the old days, coal was much appreciated because people often hardly had anything for their fireplaces and heat the rooms.

But as families had more and more central heat, they forgot about the reason why Nikolaus brought them some coal. Nowadays it is like a punishment if there is coal in their shoes.

According to the legend, the custom began because of historical St. Nicholas of Myra (now the Anatolia region of modernTurkey), who died on December 6th, 346.

He was a Greek Christian bishop known for miracles and giving gifts secretly and is now the Patron Saint of the little children, sailors, merchants and students.

Known as Nicholas the Wonderworker for his miracles, he is also identified with Santa Claus. St. Nicholas had a reputation for leaving secret gifts, such as coins, in people’s shoes overnight.

Marianna Janz-Wecke, SCAS President