This issue of INFO is more a “mark your calendars” issue than hard news.  Like Lily Tomlin, moisten your pencil with the tip of your tongut so it’ll write real dark--and get ready to fill in your calendar.
Modern Pentathlon & Irene Morningstar
          Kudos, kudos, and kudos—I love those candy bars--to Irene Morningstar, Vice President for Sports, for her work in the just concluded successful Modern Pentathlon.  Many Sister Cities members volunteered.  Athletes from all over the world competed, and all who volunteered made Sarasota look good.  Great Job!
Good People
          Dear Members, Sister Cities is always looking for good people—not ole soreheads—to help make our organization better.  Bring someone with you to the next Sister City event you attend.  We are too good not to share.
See BELOW for stories about the Russian student who can’t come to the SCAS/FST  Play Festival and thedeteriorating mosaic dedicated in 2010 to commemorate our relationship with Mérida.
Meet & Greets for the Summer
Although other things slow down over the summer, we still get thirsty. Therefore we will meet for imbibables and comestibles as follows:
          May 18 - Meet and Greet 5tpm Sarasota Wine Club on Main St. [This one is coming right up.  Be there or else……. (smile)]
          June 15  Meet and Gree
t 5tpm Sarasota Wine Club on Main St
          July 20  Meet and Gree
t 5tpm Sarasota Wine Club on Main St
          Aug 17  Meet and Gree
t 5tpm Sarasota Wine Club on Main St
The Speakers Bureau for Fall: who, what, when & where
Each speaker will speak at 4pm, followed at 5pm by a Meet & Greet as a location close by.  Meet & Greet locations will be announced later.
Sept. 29, 2016    Cuba AC/BC (after Castro/Before Castro) Eladio Amores
          Selby Library

Oct. 18, 2016  Our Friendship City: Rapperswil-Jona: Its History & Culture
          Primo Bader & Colleagues
          Herald-Tribune Community Room

Nov. 15, 2016  War & Peace, Beth Ruyle, Craig Hullinger, and Troy Scott with the Military Officers Assn.
          Community Foundation of Sarasota, 2635 Fruitville Rd.

Dec. 13, 2016  Holidays in Our Sister Cities – Unique Festivities, Sister City Directors Carolyn Bloomer, Marlies Gluck, Michael Fehily, Marie des Neiges Grossas,  Anna Madeschi, Pauline Mitchell (5-10 minutes each)
          Vineyard Wine Bar, 1528 Main St.
All Sister Cities members and the general public are invited.  A small donation of $5 is suggested (except at Selby Library).  For more information, contact Ray Young at or phone 941-225-1268.

Next Year’s Sister City Luncheon Meetings
            Mark your calendars for next year’s luncheon meetings at the Bird Key Yacht Club at 11:30am, lunch served at 12pm.
Sept. 14, 2016
Oct. 19
Nov. 9
Jan. 12, 2017
Feb.  8
March 15
April 12
Don’t be like me!  Write ‘em down.  I KNOW I won’t remember ‘em!
The Sister City/Florida Studio Theater Write-A Play Contest:  

          BAD  NEWS
The students and chaperones from Tel Mond and Dunfermline will arrive this coming week for a week full of activities planned by Gloria Grenier, Vice President of Arts & Culture, but we recently received bad news from Tatyana Chebotar in Vladimir.  I quote her letter to Sister Cities in full because it pulls on our heartstrings.

  Dear Sarasota Sister City Members:

I am sorry that I cannot come to your "WRITE A PLAY!" festival. My mother lost her job, we didn't expect that it could happen and now we will need money for our family while she is looking for work. We cannot afford to spend money on my tickets, I am very thankful for your attention, I am sorry that all that you organized for me and my teacher is not necessary now, I am very very sorry. I wish your festival great success. My dream didn't come true but I had such a wonderful time when I was preparing for the trip, so many expectations, that I am still very happy that I am the winner of your project.

With best wishes,


What a well-mannered, conscientious young lady to write us such a letter--when I’m sure she was upset due to the disappointment of not being able to come to see her work performed.  We will miss you, Tatyana!
The Mosaic to Commemorate our Relationship with Mérida in Bayfront Park
          On December 10, 2010—some six years ago—Englewood Elementary students with their art teacher, Dawn Hinck, and with the help of Luis Manuel May Ku, Mayan artist from Mérida, Mexico, presented the City with a mosaic signifying the friendship between Sarasota and Mérida. 
            We learned a few weeks ago that the mosaic in Bayfront Park was deteriorating and we immediately looked into having it restored.  Afer being examined, it turns out that the mosaic has deteriorated to the point where it cannot be repaired.  We are now investigating whether to have it rebuilt, change the medium but keep the same them, or –generally—what to do with it.  Stay tuned…….
Dat’s All, Folks!
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