Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sarasota Festival of New Plays - Young Playwrights Festival

Tel Mond, Israel

Betty Greenspan    CD Director
Kim Sheintal          VC Director

Sarasota Festival of New Plays - Young Playwrights Festival

Sarasta Mayor Suzanne Atwell meets with the Young Playwrights group.

Sarasota Sister Cities viewed a number of plays written by students, including students from our Sister Cities of Tel Mond, Israel, Vladimir, Russia, and Dunfermline, Scotland.  The young playwrights from Tel Mond and Dunfermline were in Sarasota and signed autographs. The cast and creative director provided outstanding performances.

Young Playrights from left to right
Aleksandra Radmoska, Kara MhairiClare McAuley, Ori Segev
Aleksandra and Kara are from St Columba's High School, Scotland. Their teacher is Miss McDonald. They are in the eighth grade. The Play they wrote was entitled, "The Bonnie Old Visit at Sterling Castle".
Ori Segov is from the Shelanu School, Tami Philosph, in Israel. He is in the sixth grade. His play was entitled "The Promise".

Camy Robbins escorted the young playwrights around Sarasota

Ori and Bill Wallace

Ori, Camy, Kara, and Aleksandra