Info @ sarasota sister cities (4) February 20, 2016

Info @ sarasota sister cities (4)       February 20, 2016
Here’s some of what’s going on in Sarasota Sister Cities……
This issue, dear friends, is a little longer than I’d like, but Sarasota Sister Cities is especially busy right now!

Carolyn Bloomer and Lolly Baerveldt’s talk CHINA BEYOND THE TRAVEL POSTERS: FLUB-DUB & FARFETCHEDNESS on  Monday, Feb. 8, at the Selby Library drew a large enthusiastic crowd.  They recounted their trip from Bejiing to Xiamen with fascinating pictures and commentary.  The rapid improvements in Chinese life and culture that Lolly & Carolyn shared were informative & fun.  And why do people put 2’x3’ pieces of plywood beside their cars’ tires? (to keep dogs from urinating on their tires!!!)

Afterwards, our Meet & Greet was upstairs at Roast Restaurant (beside the Opera). Lots of cheers, skol, prosit, salut, & l’chaim were shared.

     Last week was a wonderful week for Sister Cities with the arrival of Mayor Roni and Naama Golon from Tel Mond. 

  The charming couple had everyone laughing wherever they were—especially when talking about the young couple’s eight children.

     In a meeting with Michael Crosby, CEO of Mote, they planned research opportunities between Tel Mond and Mote Marine Laboratory.

     At Riverview High School the NOAA Tel Mond dancers charmed us with a night of modern dance.  They are a high school group— but very professional.  A Perlman Music alumni trio played several selections and also accompanied the Tel Mond Dancers.

    Mayors & local dignitaries spoke (briefly) and a wonderful night was had by all.  A crowd of more than 400 attended this night of dance and music.

     On February 19, 2016 our regular luncheon meeting was held at the Bird Key Yacht Club.  To a large group, Roni (he is very informal) spoke of Tel Mond, his life in business & government & Israel’s struggles.  The video of Tel Mond was especially interesting.

     Mayor Golom’s visit was the centerpiece of a wonderful week for Sarasota Sister Cities.
DOLLY JACOBS & PEDRO REISSarasota’s Circus Artists Extraordonaire, will be honored at our ONE WORLD AWARD LUNCHEON on Sunday, March 6 at 11:30am at Michaels on East.  

     In addition to celebrating with Dolly and Pedro, you will be entertained with Scottish music, song, and dance.  Don’t miss it.  Contact Pauline Mitchell at 941-485-5199 
or for details & reservations.  It will be nice to see Dolly & Pedro up close and personal.
CITY DIRECTOR MICHAEL FEHILY travels to MERIDA, MEXICO to conduct a symbolic resigning of our twinning agreement with Mérida.  Their municipal elections replace ALL employees from the mayor to the lowest office staff & this resigning will help us maintain this relationship with the new officials. 

     In addition to the mayor, Michael will be meeting with the US Consul General, the Executive Director of Community Policy & the Office of Tourism and Economic Promotion. Michael will also make contacts with people in the schools who can help us start our joint program with FST, the Write a Play Program, and can help us establish an Embracing Our Differences programin Mérida.

     For further information—or just to give him a  hard time--contact Miguelito at
SARASOTA HIGH SCHOOLERS AND OUR SISTER CITIES ABROAD   Three local Sarasota students recently established & are now building a sister city teen Facebook page entitled “Sister Cities United Youth” for interactions of Sarasota teens with those in our sister cities.  They will pose a question each month related to differences in cultures between our sister cities & hope for responses from teens in our sister cities.  The first discussion: cultural differences in holidays.  They hope to conclude each discussion with a Skype chat.

     Now our students need to invite teens from our sister cities to visit the Facebook page. Send the name & email address of any teens YOU know in any of our sister cities to: 

Morgan Bortz, Venice High School (,

Gabrielle Hazan, Pineview High School (, Faith Bresciani, (Sarasota Christian High School) ( Morgan is this year’s CYD representative on the SCAS Board, and she’s doing a great job!  Ray Young is the Board member overseeing the good work these kids are doing (
Any comments to info@sarasotasistercities editor, Dave Harralson, or 941-870-5516