One World Award Luncheon

   *:) happy*:) happy     SCAS NEEDS YOUR PRESENCE AT THIS ANNUAL EVENT     *:) happy*:) happy

                                                           THE ONE WORLD AWARD LUNCHEON

WHEN & WHERE: Sunday March 6, 11:30 am.
                                Michaels On East, Sarasota
                                Invitations have been sent out, additionally ALL info and the Invitations is
                                on our website and can be printed off that way.

WHO IS REQUESTED TO ATTEND: All  Board Members, City Directors and Assistant City Directors,
and bring a lot of your friends and family!

WHY: To honor the Nominee. To support all SCAS events as well as support fellow colleagues for
their efforts to create interesting programs for our members. To reciprocate the work of colleagues.

WHAT TO CONTRIBUTE: A gift(s) or basket/box representing articles/goods/Spirits from your City/Country. A Gift Certificate from a Restaurant/Shop that serves and/or caters cuisine from your country.

AUCTION, partial Fundraiser:
To benefit SCAS, raised funds through the Raffle Auction will be used to cover expenses related
to the One World Award Luncheon.
Proceeds of your gifts will help cover expenses.

WHERE TO BRING YOUR GIFTS:  To the next Board meeting on Thursday January 28 or drop off
prior to the end of January at our new SCAS office in the Federal building.
Anyquestions or concerns, contact Pauline Mitchell , CD Dunfermline & OWA Chair:

Thank you very much.