Thursday, December 10, 2015

What’s going on in Sister Cities ?

What’s going on in Sister Cities ?  With all the Holiday preparations and parties, I’ll keep it brief………….

      Many of last year’s officers are carrying over into this year, but we do have three new officers who were approved at the last Board meeting:
       Sue Gordon, Secretary                       
       Anna Madaschi, City Director,  Treviso Province, Italy
       Gloria Grenier, VP Arts & Culture (Ron Gossett’s former position)

      The Tel Mond Dancers will return to Sarasota for another visit on Wednesday, February 17 and will give a performance with the Perlman Institute at Riverview High School, probably at 7:30pm.  At a luncheon at the Bird Key Yacht Club on Feb. 19, the mayor of Tel Mond will speak.  For more information, contact Tel Mond city director, Linda Rosenbluth (

      Every three years in Mérida, our newest Sister City, municipal elections bring in a new group of city officials.  To encourage the new officials to recognize our relationship and develop it further, Sarasota Sister Cities is going to have a symbolic re-signing of our agreement, both in Sarasota and Mérida in January.
          This will help us maintain the momentum that began when an economic development team visited us last Spring and a delegation of 20 visited Mérida in late January, 2015.  Our city director, Michael “Miguelito” Fehily, is heading up this effort (

          Alliance Members are community groups we work with to help us accomplish specific projects.  Two of our strongest Alliance Members are the Alliance Francaise and the Jewish Federation.  Interaction with Alliance Members has ebbed and flowed over the years.  We are working now to reestablish bonds with those groups that work with us.  We will then include them more prominently in our activities.
          If you are a member of a community organization you think might be a good community partner with Sister Cities, please contact our VP for Membership, Dave Harralson (

Comments or questions? Contact Dave Harralson