Friday, September 18, 2015

Essential Oils and Perfumes of the World - An Olfactory Experience - 4:00 pm October 21, 2015

Sarasota Sister Cities Association
Second Fall Presentation

Essential Oils and Perfumes of the World - An Olfactory Experience

Raymond A. Young
Board Member, Sarasota Sister Cities Association

Ray will start with a brief overview of the long time use of Essential Oils and Perfumes throughout history followed by an introduction to the origin and production of Essential Oils from a broad array of plant sources, from Flower Blossoms to Woody Materials.  The audience will be provided essence samples throughout the presentation to compare and contrast the varied sources.  

The concepts involved in Perfume Formulation will then be described from the perfume "Brief" to the selection of the essential oils as top, middle and base notes. The "Families" or Accords of perfumes will be presented along with the progression of the styles of perfumes to recent years.

Perfume fragrances for both men and women will be provided to the audience for their assessment and enjoyment.  Connecting the scents that evoke a positive feeling in you will help you find your personal "perfect scent" and enjoy the sensual wonders and allure of perfumes!
4:00 pm
October 21, 2015
 Herald-Tribune Community Room
Herald-Tribune Bldg
1741 Main St, Sarasota

A suggested small donation of $5.00 to SCAS would be appreciated. Our monthly Sister City Meet & Greet will follow - details below:

For further Information, Contact:
Ray Young, Sarasota Sister Cities Assn

Meet aThe nd Greet on Oct. 21 
The Presentation will be followed by a 

Meet and Greet at:

Yume Sushi

1532 Main Street

Downtown Sarasota

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