Thursday, August 6, 2015

Openings on the Board of Directors

Currently, we have two and a half positions open on the Board of Directors.

The first is the Secretary.  The second is Vice President of Sports.  A shared position of Economic Development VP is also open.  The current ED VP will move to the position of Fund Raising VP in six months.

Likewise, the position of President will become open at the end of the program year - April 2016.

We are looking for interested members to fulfill these roles.  If you are interested in the President, then one of these positions would serve as a good background for you.  Otherwise we need people to fill these roles.

One of my goals is to involve the membership more in our activities.  So please, step up, fill these roles and be active with our activities during the coming year. 

If you are interested please send an email to Werner Knoop, Chairman, Nominating Committee at

If you have not been to a presentation of our Speakers Bureau, please do so.  You will find the subject and the presenter well worth your time.  As members these presentations are free to you.  Dave Harrelson started with one presentation of Historic Sarasota and has now made four. If you feel you have expertise in an area.  Please sign up to make a presentation. Contact Ray Young at  Information on these presentations, as well as other activities Sister Cities is undertaking, is on the blog at  This blog serves as our newsletter so check in from time to time. 

Next, I would like to remind you of the Giving Partners challenge.  Our donations are matched up to $250 per credit card entry.  Information is on the blog and will be sent out by email regularly.  It is important that we take advantage of this match this year as it is a one time offer.   We are scaling our Gala down to a less expensive luncheon so it is very necessary that we earn funding from this source.  So we encourage you and your friends to participate.