Thursday, August 27, 2015

Giving Challenge Sep 1 Noon to Sep 2 Noon, Telethon, and Meet and Greet

If you have trouble with the donation page please call:

Craig Hullinger 309 634 5557 or
Beth Ruyle Hullinger 309 966 1616

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In two days, starting at noon Tuesday, September 1, Sarasota Sister Cities will participate for the first time in the Giving Challenge, a one-day, 24-hour effort by Sarasota area non-profits to raise funds. The Patterson Foundation will match donations dollar for dollar with a minimum $25 donation up to $250 per person.  Gifts must be made by credit card or debit card  through the Giving Challenge Web site from Noon on Sep 1 to Noon on Sep 2 to receive the matching funds.

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Thank you for your generosity.

William Wallace        Kenney DeCamp
Finance Committee Co Vice Presidents

We have a Telethon scheduled for Sep 1 at Noon at
City Hall 1565 1st St, Sarasota, FL - Media Room on the east end of the building, 
followed by a Meet and Greet at 3:00 pm
at Mattison's Grill at 1 N Lemon St (Main St).   More details below.

The Giving Challenge is made possible by the following organizations.