Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Florida Studio Theater / Embracing Our Differences

Hi Beth. 

I had a very enjoyable visit with the four international delegates who visited Sarasota (Roni Gutberg and her father Alex Gutberg from Tel Mond) (Andrew Rybin and his teacher Olga Milenkaya from Vladimir). I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with them when we visited the Sarasota Mayor at City Hall, toured the City Hall with the amazing Linda Rosenbluth, toured the Circus Museum at the lovely Ringling grounds with Leone Levy as our excellent guide, and watched the Young Playwrights plays with the awards ceremony.

Alice Cotman and Dr. Fred Bloom spent time with them on Sunday as tour guides for Embracing Our Differences. Many other Sister Cities members worked very hard too such as Gila Meriwether, Yuliya Gaukhman, Ron Gossett, Dr. Dave Harralson, and Pauline Mitchell. Sarasota residents Dori Goldfarb and her daughter Julianna hosted the Gutbergs. I was happy to see several Sister Cities members at the Young Playwrights and witness the wonderful plays written by Roni and Andrew acted by the professional actors at Florida Studio Theatre. 
Kim Sheintal
Sister Cities Association of Sarasota
Tel Mond Vice City Director