Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Notice of Annual General Meeting April 10, 2015

This is the notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Sister Cities Association of Sarasota. The meeting will be held on April 10, 2015 at the Sara Bay Golf Club. The meeting will commence at noon and will be chaired by President Beth Ruyle-Hullinger.

The agenda for the meeting include the Annual Report by the President, the distribution of the Revised ByLaws, and the Nomination and Election of Officers. There will also be a luncheon. Further information regarding the luncheon will be distributed.

This notice is also the formal notification of the revision of the bylaws of Sister Cities Association of Sarasota, Inc. This revision was approved by the Board of Directors at their February meeting of the Board of Directors of the Sister Cities Association of Sarasota. This revision was the result of a proposed revision by the Bylaws Revision Committee appointed by the President and chaired by Dr. Carolyn Bloomer. This will be an information item at the Annual General Meeting There is no requirement for approval
by the general membership.

This notice is submitted to all members of the current board and the general membership.