Sunday, November 30, 2014

Speakers Bureau

The Sister Cities Association of Sarasota has developed a Speakers Bureau from which we are offering a variety of presentations to your Alumni Club for luncheons, organizational meetings, social events, etc. The list of presentations shown below are from members of our Board of Directors and display the range of interests we are prepared to convey to your group. Also attached is a list of a brief biographies of our speakers. 
An honorarium to our organization for the presentation would be greatly appreciated and would foster our objective to develop respect, understanding and cooperation through citizen diplomacy with our eight sister cities. Additional information about our organization is available on our website at:

If you have an event that you would like one of our members to give a presentation, please contact me directly by e-mail. We would pleased present one our our interesting topics and get to know the members of your club.

Best Regards,
Raymond A. Young, Ph.D.
Vice President – Education
Sister Cities Association of Sarasota

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Sarasota Sister Cities Speakers Bureau - List of Lectures for Offer

International Travel & Culture
France:  A Tale of Two Cities: Paris and Perpignan
Emile Langlois, Barbara Frey & Gloria Grenier
Contemporary Chinese Culture: The Old and the New
Dave Harralson, Ph.D.
Traveling in Italy
Susanna Wriston
The History and Complexity of Italian Wines
Susanna Wriston
Firth of Forth in Fife - The Scottish Contribution to the World, America and Sarasota

William Wallace
Polynesian Cultures of the South Pacific
Raymond Young, Ph.D.

Golden Age of Sarasota
Dave Harralson, Ph.D.
Hemingway Unknown – The Italian Years
Susanna Wriston
History of the Israel Connection to Sarasota-Manatee
Kim Sheintal
The Harmony of the Gospels? The Formation of the First Books of the Christian Scriptures
Dave Harralson, Ph.D.
The Origins of the First Five Books of the Old Testament
Dave Harralson, Ph.D.

Arts, Science & Environment
City Sustainability Programs
Craig Hullinger
Essential Oils & Perfumes of the World
Raymond Young, Ph.D.
Creativity & Innovation
Raymond Young, Ph.D.