Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Yucatecan Cooking

Hola Méridianos (at least for one week),

I promised you an article about Yucatecan cooking, but I received this email below this morning and thought I'd pass it along.  It is a preparation for the article on Yucatecan food.

Sarasotans Peg Hayden and her husband are currently in Merida, where they have spend a good bit of time.  Her email below includes a Rick Bayliss 23-minute video on Merida  that I found enjoyable.  (You will have to endure three 30-second commercials--but the video is worth it).

By the way, pork is a fundamental meat in the Yucatan.  The dinner we are having together there will have a number of meats, vegetables, and so on.  I have asked that only one of the meat dishes be cooked with pork or shellfish and be labeled as such.  This will still leave plenty of food for everyone.


Dave Harralson


This is a neat video. Yes, it is a "cooking" video. BUT, it shows Merida including the market (mercado) and Paseo Montejo, the Champs Elysse of Merida with its beautiful homes. You will also see dancing in the Grand Plaza (zocalo) - one of many evening activities that are free in the centro area. The video will really give you a sense of this place...

Hope you enjoy.

Peggy Hayden