Florida Studio Theatre's 2015 Young Playwrights Festival:

Dear International Friends:
We miss you all very much!

Here are some important dates for Florida Studio Theatre's 2015 Young Playwrights Festival:

·       Deadline for play submissions is February 2, 2015. (But for International Playwrights I am able to push this back to February 13th, if necessary...)


Students are encouraged to send as many plays as they wish and I recommend you have them start writing now!

·       International Winning plays will be selected by March 2nd and any Playwright whose play has been chosen will be notified no later than March 6th, 2015. This is 8 weeks earlier than previous years to allow adequate time to arrange visas, travel and accommodations in hopes that they are able to attend the Festival.

The Festival this year is being held on May 9th, 2015.

·       The plays can be emailed as Microsoft Word Document Attachments with the Subject Line: 'Young Playwright Submission



·       Or  'Snail Mailed' to:

Florida Studio Theatre
Attn: Young Playwrights Festival
1241 North Palm Avenue
Sarasota, FL 34236-5602

·       Teachers or playwrights can visit our website for rules:


·       Play Submission Cover Sheets:


Please feel free to contact me with any questions (It's usually best to reach me by email.)

I look forward to receiving wonderful, imaginative, heartfelt plays and am excited to continue our creative endeavors and partnerships with all of our friends from around the globe!


Adam Ratner Young Playwrights Festival Coordinator/Lead Teaching Artist Florida Studio Theatre 1241 North Palm Avenue Sarasota, Florida  34236 Phone: (941) 366-9017 ext. 323 Fax:     (941) 955-4137 Email: aratner@floridastudiotheatre.org

FST’s 2014-2015 Season:
HAIRSPRAY – November 12 – January 4
DANCING LESSONS – December 10 – February 27
FLY – February 4 – April 4
CHAPATTI – April 8 – May 30

WITH THE PRIMA DONNETTES – October 22 – February 5
AMERICAN PIE – December 31 – April 23

OUT OF BOUNDS MATCH UP – October 18 – January 3

RAP-Punzel – September 23 – November 14

Meet and Greet - Thursday October 23 at 5:00 pm

Visit to Russia 2013

Many of you had a Taste of Russia at the International tasting held this month at Dakin Farm.

Let's show our appreciation for their participation in this amazing event!

Join us at The Russian House for October's Meet & Greet, and learn more about Sarasota's Sister City, Vladimir Russia!



Meet and Greet

Thursday October 23
5:00 pm

The Russian House, ~~http://russianhouse.net/
6115 S Tamiami Trail
Sarasota   FL   34231

Please invite your friends and come out to meet others interested in building relations with our Sister Cities!

~~PLEASE NOTE my NEW email address
Carrie Weaver
Director of Events, SCAS

direct: 01(941)580-8184

October 2014 Sarasota Sister Cities Social Marketing and Communication Report

Communications at the Meet and Greet
Our video is complete and posted on our blog near the top left. We will soon add it to our Web Site. It is set up and designed so that we can periodically update it as we complete new endeavors.

We continue to slowly add readership and participation with our Sarasota Sister Cities social networking system.

Our three sites that disseminate information - addresses below:

Blog            sarasotasistercities.com

Web            sarasotasistercities.org 

Pinterest     sarasotasistercities.us

You can reach all of our systems from the left column of the blog: sarasotasistercities.com

The systems below are best to build interaction among Sister City Members.  If you are using Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest please connect with us and share items of mutual interest.

Facebook   facebook.com/SarasotaSisterCities


Google+     goo.gl/HgfrE

Twitter        twitter.com/#!/SarasotaSisterC

Visit to Israel 2014
We are slowly adding videos to our sites. We also have added a large number of photos.

Videos        plus.google.com/116804334249799449066/videos

Photos       plus.google.com/116804334249799449066/photos

The blog is the best site to learn about what Sister Cities has done or what is upcoming. The Web site automatically picks up the latest 5 posts from the blog. It also has the best information about policies and our sister cities. Pinterest provides a great pictorial history of the organization. 

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ are all designed to get people to interact. We post a short message on each system with a link back to the blog. You have to sign up for these programs - this is free and simple.  You will want go to our pages and like or friend or link to them. Then you will see what we post and everyone will see what you post. Over time we hope to get a number of people interacting on these systems.

In addition to our main blog of 
sarasotasistercities.com we have also set up a blog for each of our eight Sister Cities. The idea is that these blogs will focus on just the relationship of Sarasota with that Sister City.

The CD's can of course use this or not as they wish. Anything they want to add or delete from their blog I will be glad to do so. I would also be happy to assist them to learn how to make entries on the blog themselves, or I will post for them if they prefer. They can just send me an email with any corrections, deletions, or additions.

The blog address can be typed directly or can be found in the left column of the main blog. The address always starts with the name of the sister city followed by Sarasota, then blogspot.com.  I used the short name for the Sister City - not the province, which would make for a long and hard to remember address.

Let me know of any changes that should be made.

We plan on writing the history of Sarasota Sister Cities on this blog. sarasotasistercitieshistory.blogspot.com.  We are contacting people who served with Sarasota Sister Cities in the beginning of the organization and ask them to write their memories.  If you have some information about Sarasota Sister Cities please email it to
sarasotasistercities@gmail.com and we will publish it on this blog.

Dave Harralson and Carrie Weaver have our new membership data base program up and running.  It is a nice system that should help us improve our media interactions with our memberships. Dave and Carrie are providing training for Board Members to use the site.  imembersdb.com

Send info or photos to:      sarasotasistercities@gmail.com

Communication with Dance - Russian Dancers

Click For Video

Our Social Network Report:

Our Social Marketing Plan: 

Yucatecan Cooking

Hola Méridianos (at least for one week),

I promised you an article about Yucatecan cooking, but I received this email below this morning and thought I'd pass it along.  It is a preparation for the article on Yucatecan food.

Sarasotans Peg Hayden and her husband are currently in Merida, where they have spend a good bit of time.  Her email below includes a Rick Bayliss 23-minute video on Merida  that I found enjoyable.  (You will have to endure three 30-second commercials--but the video is worth it).

By the way, pork is a fundamental meat in the Yucatan.  The dinner we are having together there will have a number of meats, vegetables, and so on.  I have asked that only one of the meat dishes be cooked with pork or shellfish and be labeled as such.  This will still leave plenty of food for everyone.


Dave Harralson


This is a neat video. Yes, it is a "cooking" video. BUT, it shows Merida including the market (mercado) and Paseo Montejo, the Champs Elysse of Merida with its beautiful homes. You will also see dancing in the Grand Plaza (zocalo) - one of many evening activities that are free in the centro area. The video will really give you a sense of this place...

Hope you enjoy.

Peggy Hayden

Luncheon October 10, 2014


Join us at the SaraBay Country Club Friday October 10, 2014 for our first Luncheon of the Season.

Guest Speaker

Kate Alexander

Associate Director of The Florida Studio Theater
speaking on


In 1991, FST launched the WRITE A PLAY Program as an arts-in-education initiative designed to inspire youth to write plays. Students are encouraged to write from their own point of view and in so doing they create a diverse group of plays.

Initiated with the support of the Florida Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts Challenge Funds, the WRITE A PLAY Program now impacts over 55,000 attendees each year throughout the United States, Israel, Russia, and Scotland, and continues to grow and inspire young talent to open their minds and imaginations.In the Spring, FST hosts the Young Playwrights Festival, featuring selected young playwrights!

The luncheon registration desk will open at 11:30 a.m., with lunch beginning at noon.

The menu selection is a choice of

Herb Crusted Chicken Breast
Served with a Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and Chef’s Choice Starch & Fresh Vegetable


Grilled Salmon with Sweet BBQ Glaze and Broccoli Slaw


California Veggie Burger
Served on a toasted English Muffin with Grilled Tomato, Avocado, Melted Cheddar cheese and a side of fruit.

Chef’s Choice Fruit Pie is for dessert....

All meals include house salad, hot rolls, butter and coffee, tea or soda. Cash bar is also available, please order directly with the wait staff.

Sara Bay Country Club sarabaycc.org
7011 Willow St
Sarasota, FL 34243

RSVPs, meal selection and $25 payment are required by Tuesday, October 7 to meet requirements of the Sara Bay Country Club.

Payment can be made electronically at: sarasotasistercities.org/pmts.htm

Or by Check, payable to SCAS and mailed to:
Sister Cities Association of Sarasota
City Hall - 1565 First St.
Sarasota, FL 34236

A reply to this email regarding the method to expect your payment, is kindly requested.

Carrie Weaver
Director of Events, SCAS
direct: 01(941)580-8184

Festival 4 Life Oct 4, 2014

Dear GCAA, SCA, USCPFA, SCAS members, families and friends,

Please join us on Oct. 4thSaturday from 10 am to 6 pm to attend "Festival 4 Life", organized very specially for us by Dakin Dairy Farm Inc. in Myakka. 


Many Festival High lights are listed below. There also will be a Food Tasting Contest from the 8 International Cities that are Sarasota's Sister Cities. The participating cuisines will be from Italy, France, China, Russia, Israel, U.K, Canada and the U.S. 

We looking forward to celebrating this very lovely wholesome Festival with you in a spacious, quaint, Myakka Dairy Farm to "Eat, Dance, Play, Garden and Be Well"

Very Best Regards

Irene Leung

Vice City Director, China Subcommittee
Sarasota Sister Cities Association

Gulf Coast Chinese American Association
Morningstar Discovery Inc.

Schedule of Events

SaraBay Country Club 11:30a
Meet & Greet 5p-7p
TheAssociate Director of Florida Studio Theatre,Kate Alexander she will talk about the 2015 Young Playwrights’ Festival
Social or
10-4-2014 Festival for Life

Israel, Linda Rosenbluth- presentation for trip in March 2015 / EOD exhibit
Lolita taratine

Libby’s or
Social or Toscana

Scotland, Pauline Mitchell-
Burns Supper, a traditional celebration of the poet Robert Burns

Mexico, Mike Fehly- presentation of the SCAS trip to Merida

3-15-2015 One World Gala

France, Gloria Grenier- presentation promoting upcoming art exhibit
4-16-2015- THURSDAY!

Annual Meeting