Monday, June 30, 2014

Pentathlon 2014 - Athletes Returning in Feb 2015

Would you be so kind to forward this to SCAS members and friends so they can review the photos of the Pentathlon Event and hopefully they will be interested in coming for the next big world competition in February with 300 athletes from all over the world. 

Thanks a Million for spreading these good exciting news:

I shall have many FREE tickets for Feb.and so should all the CDs from our 8 sister cities if we are well organized. And I have info for the International Dragon Boat Race for this coming October as well.

The Olympian Class Athletes compete in different cities all over the world plural times a year. Language barriers do not deter them from admiring each other's strong abilities.
Although they compete with each other, they also have developed great camaraderie and mutual admiration for each other with no boundary of nationality. The athletes also voted Sarasota as their FAVORITE destination by far. They LOVED Sarasota's relaxed life style, our gorgeous beaches, the climate and friendly people. They are comparing Sarasota to huge cities like Rome,London and Moscow, which can be impersonal if the cities are too big and traffic jams overwhelm the intrinsic beauty of each city if one is on a tight schedule.

See below Sports links  

For International Dragon Boat Race in Oct and World Cup Pentathlon in Feb. see links:

Benderson Park with Two Dragon Boats. Seeking Rowers

Benderson Park World Cup Pentathlon: ( Next Competition in Feb,. 2015 with four times the participants 72 x 4 = 288 Olympian class competitors)

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