Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dr. Fredric M. Somach, M.D.

Long time Sarasota Sister Cities member Dr. Fredric M. Somach, M.D, recently died in Atlanta after he and Roberta had just enjoyed a wonderful visit with their daughter, her three-year-old and and two new babies. An obituary about Dr. Somach will be published shortly.
Their older son Steve was there at the time and Bill drove up from Florida and arrived that night.  Roberta said that “Thankfully, the surviving family spent several more days there all together with happy memories to keep us thankful.” Family service/memorial events here this winter and in Manhattan in the spring where his sister and her whole family live.
In providing this initial notice Roberta added “We are grateful for the friendship with our Sister City friends who certainly lightened our lives.  Will never forget the Dunfermline string band in our living room and the piper walking the beach!” Dr. Somach was a neurosurgeon.  He and Roberta have long resided on Casey Key Road, Nokomis, FL.
Tom Halbert