Friday, October 4, 2013

Sister City Visit to Tel Mond, Israel in April 2013


Sarasota Sister Cities Visit to Tel Mond, Israel

April 3-13, 2014

Sarasota Sister Cities is planning a visit to our Sister City of Tel Mond and the country of Israel. The dates of our visit are April 3-13, 2014. The trip is limited - first come, first serve.

We will visit Tel Mond, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, drive along the Mediterranean coast line, and the Judean Hills. We will also visit the Golan Heights, the Jordan Valley, Galillee, Masada, and the Dead Sea.

We also have an optional trip to Jordan April 1-3, 2014. We will visit the resort city of Eliat and the historic city of Petra, Jordan.

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We look forward to traveling with you.

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