Sunday, September 22, 2013

Social Media and Communications Report

The following is our report on our efforts in social media and communications for the past month for the Sarasota Sister Cities Chapter. The Sustainability Conference blog is working. Ray Young has done an outstanding job on the conference and it will be great. We will update this site periodically. Hope to see you at the conference.

We are continually updating our Blog, and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages.  Please join us and contribute your thoughts and photos.

Our web site automatically picks up posts from our blog. You can follow our programs and actions from either site. 



Our Pinterest page has an excellent photo history of our chapter thanks to Gayle Maxey and Tom Halbert. Please check it out. If you have photos or stories or notices that you would like to share please email us and we will get you set up to contribute them.

Our social media is working well. If you are on those systems please link or friend or follow with us.  For our part we mostly use these systems to inform people of what we have posted on the blog, so if you don't use those systems you are not missing our content - we put everything on the blog and web site. 

These systems do help us find new members, especially members of the digital native age. And they let you contribute your thoughts and ideas and photos to our other members who use these systems.

If you have content or photos that you would like to share please email them to us and we will post the information on our social media.

Craig Hullinger VP Communications
Sarasota Sister Cities