Monday, August 26, 2013

Mérida Delegation Visit

It is with great joy that we share the Merida delegation report of our visit to Merida, Mexico in August. Eleanor Williams, Professor Mike Fehily and Javier Curiel were able to connect with Merida government officials as well as other important people in the different areas to discuss several possibilities for culture, education and business exchange between our two sister cities. 

The people of Merida were very gracious, generous and great hosts. The message they send is that they look forward to greeting and receiving visitors from Sarasota. 

The attached pictures show a few of the new people we met and our visit to the some places. 

1. American Consulate in Merida. Photos inside with the Sister Cities sign between Merida-Sarasota.

2 and 3. American Consulate in Merida. Photos outside with the mural by the children of the schools in Merida welcoming Sarasota as their sister city. 

3. Picture is a close up of the two peninsulas, like arms embracing the Gulf of Mexico. 

4. Tourism Representative, Mr. Juan Jose Martin Pacheco.

5. Tourism Representative, Ms Rosa Elena Vermont Ricalde.

6. Merida Mayor, Mr. Renan Barrera Concha 

We look forward to all the exciting projects coming up for Sarasota and Merida. Please save the date in February 2014 for a very interesting vivit from a Merida delegation. More to follow. 

Best regards, 

Javier Curiel, Eleanor Williams and Michael Fehily