Alexandra De Stefanis


Beth Ruyle
SSCA, President

Dear Beth et Board:

I hope this letter finds you each well. SSCA is such a vital element in our Sarasota community as it opens doors and builds bridges to cultures beyond our own. I have been associated with SSCA for several years, but it is in my role as the Province of Treviso City Director that I have been able to offer my strongest contributions to this important organization. 

It has been my goal and that of Vice City Director Susanna Wriston to complete at least one large scale event each year that provides a culturally enriching experience as well as promotes the visibility of SSCA in the wider community. To this end it was also important to promote a sense of collegiality with other organizations also serving the Sarasota-Bradenton area.

In 2010 many enjoyed the Taste of Treviso SSCA Luncheon honoring Richard Storm for his vestment to Knighthood of the Italian Republic. We also sponsored our first excursion to the Province of Treviso with Italia Dolce Vita and the great gala celebrating the 500-year anniversary tribute to Caterina Cornaro, The Lady of Asolo, in collaboration with Dr. J. A. Polizzi and the Ausonian Society. 

In 2011 SSCA achieved a great coup in bringing Le Immagini della Fantasia, to Sarasota. In partnership with the University of South Florida and with the generous collaboration of Dr. Jane Rose, the International Exhibition of Illustrations for Children finally made its US debut after 30 years! 

In 2012 SSCA again with the partnership of the University of South Florida and Dr. Jane Rose’s collaboration brought the photographic exhibit of Cristina Madeyski to Sarasota; another exhibit presented on a worldwide scale.

In March 2013 SSCA brought The Bricks of Venice, an exhibit of 66 water paintings depicting highlights of Venice’s architecture between the 11th and 15th centuries in a filmed presentation; again another exhibit on a worldwide scale.

These have been four very full and exciting years of promoting Italian culture and heritage in its varied forms, and it has been my pleasure to support SSCA’s good work. With the return of the founder and original Province of Treviso City Director, Susanna Wriston, it also seems an opportune moment to bring my tenure to a close and so I submit this letter of resignation as Province of Treviso City Director effective immediately. I look forward to continuing to be engaged with SSCA and to the exciting events ahead.

With best regards,

Alexandra De Stefanis


I know the Board joins me in thanking Alexandra and all who helped with our Treviso relationship for their outstanding service.

Beth Ruyle


Dear Alexandra: 
    One hates to lose the good ones, and you're one of the very best!  You've brought excitement, beauty and elegance to our Treviso tie and ignited what had become a "quiet" relationship into one of our most active.
    We are blessed with your desire to continue to be engaged in the events of SCAS and that Susanna rejoins the board as Treviso City Director to continue the strong relationship you've developed with our important Italian city (and Province).
    Looking forward to our continuing friendship, just in a different way.   
    Best, Bill Wallace