Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sarasota Fesitval of New Plays - Young Playwrights Festival

Sarasta Mayor Suzanne Atwell meets with the Young Playwrights group.

Sarasota Sister Cities viewed a number of plays written by students, including students from our Sister Cities of Tel Mond, Israel, Vladimir, Russia, and Dunfermline, Scotland.  The young playwrights from Tel Mond and Dunfermline were in Sarasota and signed autographs. The cast and creative director provided outstanding performances.

Young Playrights from left to right
Aleksandra Radmoska, Kara MhairiClare McAuley, Ori Segev
Aleksandra and Kara are from St Columba's High School, Scotland. Their teacher is Miss McDonald. They are in the eighth grade. The Play they wrote was entitled, "The Bonnie Old Visit at Sterling Castle".
Ori Segov is from the Shelanu School, Tami Philosph, in Israel. He is in the sixth grade. His play was entitled "The Promise".

Camy Robbins escorted the young playwrights around Sarasota 

Ori and Bill Wallace

Ori, Camy, Kara, and Aleksandra

Dear All,
What an incredible Team effort the FST visit was!!
Thank you so very much for helping Sister Cities and ME (!) make this another successful visit. Clearly it could not have been done without everyone's participation and volunteering their time and efforts. Each and everyone of you in your own way contributed to our visitors leaving with memories of a lifetime. This is volunteering at it's best
As they say, "You're only as good as your next event", so I'm counting on you for next year to help me MAKE MEMORIES OF A LIFETIME!
Thank you again for being such perfect Citizen Diplomats.-
Kind regards,
Pauline Mitchell
Sister City Coordinator For the Young Playwrights Festival

Pauline Mitchell and her team did a great job making this effort a outstanding success. Our thanks to everyone involved.
Beth Ruyle Hullinger
President, Sarasota Sister Cities

Betty Greenspan and Kara

From Left to Right
Back: Miss Tami Philosoph, Ori Segev, Miss McDonald, Ellie Stoll 
Front: Betty Greenspan, Camy Robbins, Aleksandra Radmoska, Kara Mhairi Clare McAuley,

A short Dunfermline Review of the Florida Studio Theatre  Young Playwrights visit to Sarasota May 10 – May 14, 2013,
by Pauline Mitchell, City Director, Sarasota Sister Cities – Dunfermline, Scotland.

How much fun can be had in five days?
The photographs taken speak for themselves, and the smiles on our visiting delegation’s faces will always remind us that inter cultural exchanges are a wonderful way of making lasting friendships.

Showing off “The best of Sarasota” in a few days is hard but possible judging from a jam-packed program for two happy Young Playwright winners from Dunfermline, Scotland and their Educator. Kara McAuley and Aleksandra Radomska, two 13-year old talented students from St. Columba High School, and their English teacher Ms. Elspeth McDonald had a most memorable visit.

The highlight was the Florida Studio Theatre Young Playwrights Festival on Saturday May 11. That day their dream came true when their winning play was performed on stage by actors of FST, as well as the plays of all other winners. During their stay they visited a.o. Ringling Museum, Mote Marine Aquarium, Embracing Our Differences exhibit by the Bay, Circus Sarasota and attended a Play at the Asolo Theatre in Sarasota, the interior of which used to be the old Opera House of Dunfermline. A visit to the Sunshine state would not be complete without a swim in the warm Gulf waters followed by a Barbecue and participating in the excitement of Siesta Key’s Drumming Circle on the beach.
Monday, as for all local kids, was a school day at Riverview High school where they fitted right in making friends with their appointed school “buddies”. A Farewell Dinner Party awaited them that evening when they shared more special moments with the Actors that performed their plays. Beth Duda, Director of Education and Adam Ratner, lead Teaching Artist & Young Playwright Coordinator invited them on stage for a conversation about their play and so it became clear they won in more ways by endearing themselves to all of us with their grace and wit.
On the last day there was enough time for a visit and close encounter with some of Sarasota Jungle Gardens residents. What a thrill to pet a Macau parrot or to feed the flamingos. Even holding a pet python did not intimidate them but it stood to reason that alligator wrestling was best left to local Floridians, or maybe something to think about for their next trip as winners of the FST Young Playwright Festival.

At the airport, ready for their journey home, there were farewell hugs, promises to write and we all felt a little richer for having gained so much in friendship. Last thing I saw were big smiles from ear to ear. Mission accomplished: a perfect example of how to foster world peace in a people-to-people program by Sarasota Sister Cities.

Thanks to Photographer Eric Hilton for the great photographs.
Although our Young Playwrights from Vladmir, Russia could not be with us, their plays were performed and were very well received.

A Battle With Fear
by Sonia Razumowskia
Humanitarian Linguistic Gymnasium #23
Ms. Tatyana Semenova - 8th Grade

Thoughts Aloud
by Kirill Kolosov
Humanitarian Linguistic Gymnasium #23
Ms. Tatyana Semenova - 8th Grade


Winning Plays by Young Playwrights
March 19 thru May 24
In the Gompertz Theatre

Play titles such as; "Rebecca's Sunday Secret," "Frenchie," "Tuna Trouble" and "Ernie's Day at the Beach" represent the imagination and creativity of students who have submitted plays to Florida Studio Theatre’s Young Playwrights Festival, the culmination of the award-winning WRITE A PLAY Program. Each day these plays are performed, by actors in a professional setting for students in Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Tickets are also available to the general public.
More Information

Under Six runs from March 19 - May 24. 
Single tickets are $6 and are available to the general public 
based on availability.To purchase please call 366-9797
Director: Beth Duda
Associate Director: Jason Cannon
Pianist: Dave Maglione
CASTRachel Collins
Cindy De La Cruz
Patrick Jackson
Jake Mills
Seth Teegarden
Tony Williams II
Sarah Young

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