Friday, February 22, 2013

Chinese Feature Film Series

Come early and visit Solos, Selby Gallery’s 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Part 2, Open 10-4.

Features works by scores of artists who had one-person shows in the gallery since 1986, including Helen Frankenthaler, Leon Golub, Nancy Spero, Lesley Dill, Joseph Rodriguez, Faith Ringgold, Greogory Amenoff, Heinz Lechner, Graciela Iturbide, Pat Stier, Tom Feelings and Milton Glaser.  The Gallery is located on MLK opposite the gate to the main campus.

The Basch Gallery’ exhibit Creative Spontaneity in Glass continues through March 23.  The Gallery is open from 10-4 Mon - Sat and is located in the same building as the film showing. 

Saturday (Feb 23) will be the last day of the Trustee Scholars show in The Willis A. Smith Galleries (also in the same building as the film showing).  Gallery open 10-4 Mon – Sat.

Thursday, Feb 21, 6-8 pm:
East-West College of Natural Medicine is having an Open House with complimentary acu-treatments, lectures, consultations, demos, and refreshments.  3808 N. Tamiami Trail (just north of Myrtle, east side of 41).  The College offers a 5-year Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine and maintains both a student clinic and a professional clinic.  This is a good opportunity to become acquainted with EWC’s services if you are interested in Chinese medicine. 

Spring 2013

Ringling College of Art and Design / Academic Center Room 207
Admission is free.  All films have Mandarin sound-tracks and English subtitles.

February 23:  1:30 pm
The Message风声  
Directors Chen Kuofu 陈国and Gao Qunshu高群书,
2009.  118 min
Stars Zhou Xun and Li Bingbing 

In 1942 Japanese occupiers set up a puppet government in Nanjing, with the collaboration of the Nationalist Republic’s traitorous Vice President Wang Jingwei.  Many well-organized resistance movements sprang up for the purpose of assassinating both Chinese collaborators and leaders of the Japanese occupation.  Several successful high-level assassinations lead the Japanese to suspect a mole within their Anti-Insurgency Center.  The Japanese Intelligence Office abducts five Chinese suspects (three men and two women) and subjects them one-by-one to relentless interrogation and physical tortures in an attempt to elicit confessions that will reveal the identity of the mole and the resistance leader known as The Phantom.   A dark, suspenseful, and brutal spy thriller.
March 23:  1:30 pm

Little Red Flowers 看上去很美
Director Zhang Yuan 张元 , 2006.  92 min 

At a 1950s Beijing kindergarten boarding school for children of Party cadres, good behavior and conformity wins “little red flowers”.  A four-year old boy’s recalcitrance disrupts the equanimity of the staff and promotes various episodes of chaos.  Performances by the very young actors strain belief in this charming, poetic, and painful struggle between authoritarian control and resistance to it in the early days of socialist education in New China.  Based on a semi-autobiographical novel by Wang Shuo, one of China’s irreverent contemporary writers. 

April 20:  1:30

The Mission
Director Johnny To杜琪 (Mandarin: Du Qifeng)
Hong Kong, 1999.  84 min. 

Five bodyguards hired to protect a triad boss from assassination by an unknown assailant accompany him wherever he goes.  They must act as a unit, and so they build a mutual loyalty resembling the sworn brotherhood (结义兄弟jieyi xiongdi) of traditional martial arts (wuxia 武侠).  Whenever the Boss comes under fire they successfully protect him.  But eventually they confront a situation in which loyalty to the Boss conflicts with loyalty to ‘the brotherhood’.  The cinematography soars to a level of visual elegance that transcends its mundane subject matter.  Color is low key – and in long shots the five often appear as black silhouettes, each focused on a different point – like living Giacometti sculptures.  Extreme close-ups that encourage empathy are absent.  The soundtrack is effective and elegant.  Considered by many critics to be this director’s best film.

Series is designed and hosted by Dr. Carolyn Bloomer to supplement her Cross-Cultural Perspectives course Modern China,
Co-sponsored by the Gulfcoast Chinese American Association. and the Sarasota Chapter of the U.S.-China People’s Friendship Association.
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Location:  Campus of Ringling College of Art and Design in the new Academic Building on the west side of Old Bradenton Road south of Martin Luther King Boulevard.  The building is #34 on the campus map available on line at