Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vladimir, Russia City Director

Sister Cities Association of Sarasota

We are seeking a volunteer to be primary person responsible for managing and enhancing the relationship between SSCA and the Sarasota’s twinned city of Vladimir, Federation of Russia. This is an unpaid, volunteer position.  However, city directors are eligible for a travel transportation expense reimbursement of up to $1,000 for official visits every other year.

Selection will be determined by vote of the Sister Cities Association of Sarasota executive board. 

Contact SCAS President Tom Halbert at 941-485-8586 or for further information or to apply

Job Description for City Director for Vladimir Russia

Primary person responsible for managing and enhancing the relationship between SSCA and the Sarasota’s twinned city of Vladimir, Federation of Russia.

Reports to the Vice President, Cities & Candidate Cities.

Portfolio of responsibilities includes:
·       maintaining verbal, electronic, and written communications with the Chief of International Relations and his staff in Vladimir, Federation of Russia.
·       forming and chairing a Vladimir committee of local volunteers and volunteer
·       identifying opportunities for collaboration between SSCA and Vladimir, Federation of Russia and/or among a group of sister cities;
·       facilitating periodic exchanges between Vladimir and Sarasota;
·       make recommendations for projects suggested by the sister city of Vladimir;
·       developing and submitting to the Board an budget requirements to identify expected Vladimir program expenses as they become known for inclusion is annual fiscal year budget;
o   specifying budgetary implications for proposed projects before they are
·       building awareness on the part of the Board and general membership about the
special events and exchanges involving the Vladimir sister city initiative through presentations, social media distribution, and news media awareness:
·       measuring effectiveness and evaluating the individual sister city relationship on an annual basis.

Background on the Sarasota – Vladimir Relationship

Vladimir, Oblast, Federation of Russia – Theater, Venice Schools & Rotary Ties

In l994 Sarasota twinned with Vladimir, the part of Oblast Russia, because of a tie between the Rotary Club of the Keys and a new club in Vladimir which continues today. On October 29, 1994, City of Sarasota Mayor Nora Patterson led a delegation to Vladimir for the first official signing of the partnership agreement. In April of 1995, a year that marked the Millennium Anniversary of the City of Vladimir, Mayor Igor Shimov led a large delegation for the official signing in Sarasota

The City of Vladimir is renowned as the first capital of ancient Russia and is a part of the Golden Ring of ancient cities with a rich culture and history.  It dates back to the 1100's with today's focus on development of tourist attractions while maintaining an impressive focus on the arts and education as well as industry. A beautiful city, three hours from Moscow on the Klyazma River, it was the ancient capital of Russia.
Past exchanges have included visits by Vladimir government officials to Sarasota, joint programs involving Vladimir State University, Sungir Open Air Museum, the Razgulai Folk Theater and environmental & sustainability programs. The most successful program involves the Florida Studio Theater Young Playwright program.  FST professionals went to Vladimir to engage Russian students in acting and playwriting. Vladimir students frequently have been chosen winners in the Florida Studio Theatre’s annual Young Playwright competition, and visit Sarasota to be honored and see their play presented by professional actors.