Sunday, August 5, 2012

Congratulations Dr. Edward Lin

Dr. Edward Lin is a member of Sarasota Sister Cities as well as co-founder, past President and current Honorary Board Adviser of our alliance organization of the Gulfcoast Chinese American Association. SSCA is proud to have Dr. Lin as a member and pass this announcement on to our membership in recognition of his major accomplishment.

Congratulations Party          

Dr. Edward Lin, founder and CEO of HealO-Medical, has won the highest award for technology innovation in an international competition sponsored by Sarasota’s Chinese sister city of Xiamen, a Special Economic Zone on China’s southeastern coast.  In addition to 6 million RMB (approximately 1 million USD), Dr. Lin’s company will be provided with five years of research and development facilities in a state-of the-art technology park.  

HealO Medical’s innovative technology is designed to accelerate wound healing, making it applicable to a wide range of uses, including wounds related to battle, accidents, antibiotic resistance, and chronic diseases such as diabetes.  Treating chronic wounds is a growing problem in all developed nations, with costs in the US alone running to $25 billion annually.  “Our breakthrough technology will save lives, ameliorate suffering and reduce healthcare costs,” said Dr. Lin, a physician and inventor who expects to introduce the technology within two years.  

The revolutionary medical technology, trademarked O-ACE-Sys™ (pronounced “Oasis), promises major benefits to patients and caretakers alike.  The need for frequent dressing changes is eliminated by a disposable chamber in which hyperbaric oxygen and negative pressure wound therapy are delivered through a smart pump with the clear view-chamber allowing direct visual assessment at any time.  Improved oxygenation and increased blood flow result in rapid healing, and the system supports a range of adjunct therapies including antibiotic cleansing, tissue engineering, and stem cell therapy.  (For more info, please visit  
HealO, the medical-device company headed by Dr. Lin, is headquartered in Sarasota and plans to manufacture its product locally with the US market as its primary focus. 

Dr. Lin is past President and founding member of the Gulfcoast Chinese American Association, a member of Sarasota Sister Cities Association and of the US-China Peoples Friendship Association Sarasota Chapter.  
Irene Leung
President GCAA