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Sarasota 2050
Sarasota 2050 is a 50 year land use plan to 
manage and shape future growth in Sarasota 
County. Sarasota 2050's primary goals are 
preserving the county's natural, cultural and 
physical resources and making all 
neighborhoods, both old and new, more livable.

Development Hub at Lakewood Ranch

Manatee, Sarasota economic development hub planned for Lakewood Ranch.

"LAKEWOOD RANCH -- Three influential area leaders announced plans Tuesday for a $14.4 million regional economic-development hub in eastern Lakewood Ranch, saying the facility will improve the Manatee/Sarasota area’s chances of landing and retaining jobs."
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Super Streets For Sarasota?

I wonder how this would work on University at Lockridge?

Might be worth looking into.

Interesting article from North Carolina State University.

"Drivers are first required to make a right turn and then make a U-turn around a broad median. While this may seem time-consuming, the study shows that it actually results in a significant time savings since drivers are not stuck waiting to make left-hand turns or for traffic from cross-streets to go across the thoroughfare.

"Superstreet" traffic designs result in faster travel times and significantly fewer accidents, according to the new study.
“The study shows a 20 percent overall reduction in travel time compared to similar intersections that use conventional traffic designs,” says Dr. Joe Hummer, professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering at NC State and one of the researchers who conducted the study. “We also found that superstreet intersections experience an average of 46 percent fewer reported automobile collisions – and 63 percent fewer collisions that result in personal injury.”

"The researchers assessed travel time at superstreet intersections as the amount of time it takes a vehicle to pass through an intersection from the moment it reaches the intersection – whether traveling left, right or straight ahead. The travel-time data were collected from three superstreets located in eastern and central North Carolina, all of which have traffic signals. The superstreet collision data were collected from 13 superstreets located across North Carolina, none of which have traffic signals."

Read the Article at:

Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County

The Florida Economic Development Council

The Florida Economic Development Council mission 
is to advance economic development in Florida.

Read more at:

Sarasota Economic Development Corporation

The Sarasota Economic Development Corporation leads the economic development of our County. Check them out at: